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This morning my body was glued to the bed.  James Katson, a recently acquired Facebook art pal, and selfie addict, also had the same experience of sleeping really deeply, last night.  We are also both interested in the works of Stephan Zwieg, just like our hero: Wes Anderson director of Hotel Budapest.  Anderson is my Darling.

I dreamed I met him once… or maybe that was him, sitting with Owen Wilson, another actor dream boat; a genius in his own right; as proven in his seamless performance in Woody Allens, classic, Midnight in Paris; one of my favorite films: EVER!   I’d LOVE to work with… that drink soaked evening at Hal’s in Venice Beach California, after chemo, and binge shopping at Barney’s New York in Beverly hills.  I was wearing this great blond wig, so I LOOKED al’ right

Here is a picture of me earlier that evening: 

IMG 5095

In addition I thought you might find it amusing to learn that Frau Kolb has decided to become ASIAN.  Yes, it is true.   I’m learning Chinese.

Yes, it is true, folks… FRAU KOLB has embarked on a NEW fine fucking art ART ADVENTURE!

Frau Kolb has decided to incorporate Chinese language learning skills into this already all-over-the-place AND way-too-persoal OFF TOPIC intimate ART CHAT web-site by your’s truly, Frau Kolb.

Now we begin with your first Chinese lessons.

Here are my seven favorites from You Tube:

1.) How to say “Thank you in Chinese.” 谢谢

In any and every language, the most important word you can say is thank you.  Get used to saying it more, to yourself, to everyone and you will feel better about LIFE, just practice in English to cure you of depression, abysmal loneliness, and/or morbid apathy.  Get cracking.

Try IT: Thank YOU!  Vielen Dank!  ¡Muchas Gracia!  Merci beaucoup! 감사합니다 спасибо


2.) A go-with-the-flow place to start is with a very Western tutor, perhaps.  Learn to say, “Hello!” Introduce yourself… or not our tutor breezes by big ideas too fast for anyone to learn from her but she’s got a great rack, pretty blond hair, and spunk.  In short; I’d like LOVE to have her tutor me or give me a massage. Both.  Maybe. 

(Tip do not copy her accent.  Yet, get it you, too, can learn Chinese NO BIG DEAL.)

3.) Emma, speaks solid English and thus is easy to follow.  This video is easy enough for anyone to understand and learn how to say Hello,” and practice how to exchange simple greetings and review how to say "Thank you in Chinese.” 谢谢你and introduces how to say, You are welcome,” and “good-bye.”  (Yet, unfortunately, Emma repeatedly invites readers to look down here, meaning on the side bar for more lessons but it could lend itself to easy parody…)

4.) Here is a more traditional Chinese tutor for the immersed early learner:

I dig this one, because Becky, our host is super cute and serious Chinese introductions, and proper name exchanges.  

5.) This is a great introduction to the Chinese language concept of tones:

by YangyanCheng, founder of www.yoyochinese.com

(This girl is SUPER CUTE!  Get ready to fall in LOVE!)

6.) ShaoLan Hsueh: Chineasy author is a great beauty, intellect and her book Chineseasy is amazingly compelling, pretty book.  I bought a copy and can imagine buying more copies.  EXCELLENT WORK! 

7.) Here is ShaoLan Hsueh, again.  She is a already my Chinese MUSE, big time.  I’d LOVE to have a second of her, precious time… geez, can anybody say: übermensch

Join me, Frau Kolb, adult language learning  in learning Chinese!

Together we can master the most  widely spoken ancient pictographic language system in the world, Baby!


Frau Kolb

Oh joy! It is Tuesday!!! April!! 22nd!


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We walked, Hiked.

Played in the park.

Found Easter Eggs in our back yard, which we planted

Ate, together. 

It was a perfect day… 

My son read to us in German,

from his children’s bible, which told us a rather outlandish 

Version of The Passion… 

We watched this production of Goethe’s Faust. on-line.

In the evening, I made the mistake of watching a bad movie; 

"The Wolf of Wall Street," with Leonardo di Caprio… a  Martin Scorsee, released as a gift to mankind on December 25th, 2013, nominated for not one or two academy awards, but five of them, a trashy not-so-funnyt “black comedy,” jammed packed with depictions of gratuitous sex; a botched Faustian story; without needed gravitas, tales of breaking every rule and yet not paying any price for one’s actions are half-baked childish fantasies that encourage an understanding  that the  grossly distorted yet redundant pleasure some find in the experience of power over others is indeed worthy of a chuckle.  Being a rather handsome male of some European background, Polish, I think... with smashing curtain thick hair and shimmering eyes, Di Caprio almost makes being worthless look good. 

Limitless,” being another American film, in the similar language of , “OH FUN, we get to witness a loser become someone extraordinary because he did what… took an expensive pill… what?  Is this a veiled ad for pharmaceutical companies or what? Strange: seeing that film, also at home in some brainless sleepy state; left me feeling that the convention of showing that drugs, cheating, and dishonesty are not FUN rather destructive forces, which was standard decades ago, when the agenda of getting film consumers to continue visiting theaters, downloading and paying for content, no matter what the price to self maybe in seeing such debased imagery which trumpet the concept that empty humans whose achievement lies solely in circumstance, lies, magic pills, and special powders which give the protagonists super-human powers; had not surpassed the commitment to encouraging compliance with laws rather than the current  program which seems to advocate lawlessness and “Brave New World,” pill popping as a means of achieving übermensch status.

Today, the day after Easter… I realize devoting any time or consideration to such fluffy stuff as these trivial and utterly forgettable clumsy films feels like a violation of the self.  The ideals, the values celebrated in the film are nauseatingly cruel and sadistic, even its canned notions of blond beauty, are dated and tired.   Muses in my understanding are never icy eyed chiseled piece of  porcelain perfection, rather an exciting being…on the brink of discovery… is beautiful, anything else is superficial.  A lame film; so enthralled with its own decadent representation of text book glamour; steeped in the odious marvel; why would  Frau Kolb or anyone else want to waste their precious time watching a film about souls being undervalued by raging sex and drug crazed stockbrokers?