Get a Blog! 

Inquiring Readers ask:

 “Dear Frau Kolb,

How do you find the energy for so much luxury travel, art adventure(s), routine Champagne consumption, hotel hopping, organic gardening, book reading, cinematographic, fine art inquiries, and blogging?  How is it that you manage to grow this little far-out web-site with no real focus other than a profound desire to write about the little slice of life I know to be true?


What a flattering question! The fact is that Frau Kolb is, “like a hummingbird,” buzzing around ideas, events, and people… getting to the nectar; here and there.  Yet, not everywhere, not where you are… you NEVER see me in NEW YORK, these days… London is pending.  Dublin is definitely on my mind.

Moreover, I’m thinking of doing an AMERICAN art tour, heading into the interior of the nation to meet art STARS I admire.

Paris: mon amie, je veux vous rencontrer!

I talk, a lot.  I type, fast.  I read, much more than most.  I write, daily.  YOU do it, too.  Don’t you? 

You read, a lot… actually, all of my actual audience are educated readers attracted by the wealth of FRAU KOLB’s unique understandings: just “ZOOM in with Frau Kolb,” or visit “Four Frau Answers,” for more on what the “F” is UP with this expanding and contracting, breathing and ALIVE, fun, entertaining and highly readable independent and meandering, 
“tremendously creative,” and “much appreciated,” on-going intimate art-chat: BLOG!  

YES, you can do it too.  I recommend you do.  It is very gratifying to get a press pass and attend art fairs and other intellectually charged spectacles… reporting only what you want and what you want… flaunting rules of GRAMMAR and conventions of type.  YES! 

I get up early, often before dawn.  I write daily.  It helps to keep the words coming.  Which in turn makes it so that I’m ready, daily to face the world with a landslide of WORDS!

Seven Simple WAYS in which to The Sweet LIFE:

Dearest Loyal Talkinggrid Supporters, Readers:

Always remember: you are sacred.  You are the throbbing heart of the universe.  Yet… you are no more than I or than the man that serves you gruel in prison.

There are SEVEN sacred STEPS to a SWEET SUCCESS.

I. You must center yourself on caring first for yourself and then for others.

II. You must be free of need.  Success, oddly, depends on certainty from start to finish. For you must be blind with faith that the wishes you work toward, daily, do come true. 

III.  Being idle is unhealthy.  Too much desk/computer/couch destroys the body, the soul, and leaves one a wreck.  Every adult human must walk, daily.  Work.  Carry.  Cook.  Clean. Groom themselves in order to feel right.  

IV. Be Creative.  You can do it.  It takes practice.  HERE I am writing, again.  SEE FRAU WRITE, again.  The more I do it the better I get at doing it without having to think way too much.  Getting up before dawn to write or writing for hours each day is… easy when you simply bask in the silence of pre-dawn.  Loading and re-loading, writing and re-writing of this site a successful  habit.  By doing so, I have built a venue, a platform, a place for discussion and a means of communication.  I wish to share with you my thoughts and I welcome your comments and donations. 

V. Allow yourself to play.  Failure is not an issue in play, because it is obviously NOT SERIOUS!  I dance.  I dance in public and I am willing to do it anywhere, anytime, and I do not need music beyond the noise of being FRAU KOLB, which by the way, is not me… Frau Kolb is a work of art, a character, a construction.  We share some facts:  I am Frau Kolb, yet there is more to Frau Kolb than meets the eye… a trail of veils, a shimmy of the hips, a dip to the ground and several high-kicks, later… 


5. Mix it UP!  Please don’t be bland, man.  Make friends with people that did not grow up on your block or mountain.  Grow beyond whatever lies were told to you that divide you from fulfillment.  HAVE FUN and follow the alluring rhythms of foreign lips, hips, trips, and cinematographic and literary travel to distant made up countries is also… a way to MIX IT UP!  

VI. Don’t forget the SEX!  Masturbation counts.  Keep it going.  Keep it private.  Keep it off the streets and keep it safe.  Condoms.  Monogamy.  All good, just remember NOT to be a selfish lover and to make sure and service your partners nicely if you don’t expect them to stray.  By the way, physical affection, hugs kisses, touch are requirements for happy relationships.  Sincere praise is essential to ensure loyalty! 

This advice, on sex, will influence all other aspects of life… Always remember: sexy and wealthy go hand in hand.  Your ability to give and get love enhances your ability to work, to walk, to read, write, and compose the you that is constantly in formation. 

VII. Quit comparing yourself to others.  You will always be less than the competition you imagine in your head.  You doom yourself to sadness when you believe others are better off.  EVERYONE is struggling.  We all have problems, affairs, issues, asshole toxic parents, addictions, worries, and anxieties to deal with yet… we can cultivate peace in our lives by unplugging ourselves from unhealthy, negative, mind polluting sources of information and connect with the ever lasting truth which is that LIFE is delicious if lived with gusto!

In addition: 

Pleasure must be subject to respect for life.  Any drug, habit, party, or practice which harms self or others is subject its ability to provide comic relief; without some form of redeeming quality on must avoid cruelty or humor that hinges on harm to others… this is beyond “political correctness,” it is a call to humans everywhere to respect that we each have a right to live, learn, grow, and continue.

Eat healthy. Organic food is not a luxury.  Try planting some food.  Buy organic dirt.  It matters.  Demand organic food.  Every human has a right to be refined, educated, and at ease in being beautiful.  We are all specimens of such rare and intricate grace that to bask in this truth is our everlasting duty.

Yours truly,

Frau Kolb