An Unusual Perspective | Talkinggrid’s Uplifting News

Seasons change, we pass from being immature to mature, ripe… yielding to gentle pressure.  The theme of Thankfulness colors the month of November in America.  We contemplate.  What, exactly, are we to be thankful for?  How will we give thanks for what we have, who we are, and where we have visited?  How do we move forward knowing what we know now?

Well… I’m glad you are mulling over the spices that will make your hot pumpkin chia, stand out this year.  I, too, am working on a new recipe, a new method.  However, I keep to my old standards.  I will continue to serve you tasty morsels of inspiration, reminding you to be thankful for every day you live in this flawed marvel, this sprawling carnival of possibility, this fleshy cage prone to failure… ah!