Silence is my best friend.


1.) Read a book, why don’t you?  Learning is everyone’s most important occupation on Earth.  You claim, you “never have time to read these days.”  Now, get to it.

2.) Meditate.  Yes, it might make you sleepy.

3.) Write a poem.  This is FREE time for you to express yourself in writing.  Come ON!  You can do IT!

4.) Do Yoga.  A good stretch is one of the gifts you can give yourself anytime.  Think BIG, beautiful, gracious thoughts while you take a deep breath.

5.) Empty your spam folder.  Or do some other small de-cluttering task.  It might make you feel lighter.  You might find that ring you thought you lost, last season, on your whirlwind trip to New York City.   Think about the spam you get.  Why you?  What did you sign up for?  When?  Whatever it was is a weak spot for you.  Explore and then snore.

6.) Discover what your home has to say about you.  Think about it.  Are you comfortable?  If not, why not?  What could you do to make your life better?  Decide to do it.

7.) Find shelter IF  by any chance, you are homeless, wandering around, wondering what you are doing when you are 64… then it is time you plan your retirement.  Unless you LOVE the street and the great outdoors, think… oh, sorry… you must be mentally ill and well… maybe you are one of those smelly people at the public library, which I LOVE –––by the way––please take care, find a home, I wish you all the best.  I haven’t faced full-on homelessness, always knowing in my heart I could go home to Mama IF I really had to.

8.) Make a list of everyone who you will release from duty.  Let go of people who are not in sync with your spirit, Choose allies you trust and that are proven by frequent acts of love and generosity.

9.) Plan your next party.  Throw a party to thank everyone that LOVES you.

10.) Have a drink.  Water is fine.  Make yourself a chamomile tea. Sip it. S L O W…

11.) Kiss your spouse.  Cuddle.  Make love to yourself or someone else.  GO FOR IT!

12.) Thank goodness you are alive.  Pray, only if it works for you.  IF not just a little note to self of thanks is dandy. Yes, pat yourself on the back for being.  YOU are an important member of society.  We are counting on YOU to stay alive and keep us company.  OK?

13.) Plan your escape or return or debut or comeback.  Learn to play chess, if you don’t know, already.

14.) IF you don’t have a spouse, get one, otherwise tell the freeloading bum you have  in your bed/head to “get the fuck out.”  IF you are alone, thank yourself for not inviting a stranger to come home and show you a good time.

15.) Organize your closet.

16.) Make a grocery list and gloat yourself to sleep over the money you save by thiniking ahead.

17.) Wrap presents for Loved Ones, in last year’s home-recycled, wrapping paper. “Waste not want not.”

18.) Use glue.  Collage is a democratic art form for everyone to explore.  Take up knitting.  Perhaps, this is the best time to update your blog, better yet IF you don’t have one… you might consider what you would blog about and start one, because it really is fun to have a place to be, a radio-station of your own.   Do something useful.  This is an opportunity to do some good work.  We all have missions we must work on.  The only valid missions are those that aim at benefiting all humans.  Don’t waste time being greedy or planning how to get more than anyone else.  It is not worth the stress.

19.) Lotion yourself.  Massage your legs and arms.  Feel happy to be ALIVE and take a deep breath.

20.) Listen to the silence.  It is packed with messages and guidance from the source.   The source, as readers of self-help books will know, is the collective intelligence which is available to every human in equal share ALL THE TIME but you must be relaxed and at ease in order to hear it.  So… take this evening as an opportunity to explore the benefits of insomnia.  Enjoy and praise your sleeplessness.

21.) Try self-help audio.  For example: Dr. Wayne Dyer, Erckhart Tolle, and Deepack Chopra are the three masters of the genre.  Give these authors a try, for an after midnight blend of enlightenment with a good dose of humor.  (By the way, in order to enhance your and mine web experience, I just clicked the link to these author’s web-sites and they are very interesting looking humans with deep eyes.  Check it out.)

22.) Take a deeper breath.  Read the list again.  Laugh.  Think how lucky you are to know Frau Kolb LOVES you and wishes you a deep and restful, restorative sleep, whenever it comes to you, like a MUSE in the night.

23.) Exhale slowly.