Four Frau Answers

 Question 1.) 

 Who is the F is Frau Kolb? 

Answer 1.) 

Frau Kolb is a tri-ligual (English, Spanish, and fairly solid German skills… distinguish Frau from the others.)  trained in art history at Columbia University in the City of New York,  yet an outsider, a self invented street artist, bon vivant, and sometimes keen art world observer.  Frau Kolb delights in all things fine and is an expert on having a very excellent time.  Frau Kolb loves a chilled flute of French bubbles, anytime… really.  Frau Kolb is celebrating living, because Frau Kolb can not afford to waste a minute.  Frau Kolb is here and aware that life is a blink.  It will end.  Before Frau Kolb goes, she has painted many paintings, performed for friends, and taken over a few spaces about town… Right now, all the content on Talkinggrid  is 100% Frau Kolb’s, art and writing.  (It appears, however that Ola Mańana, the NYC artist, wall painter, hard worker,  and larger-than-life self published author of a book which was hailed as “Tremendous,” by members of New York’s most exclusive literary circles. So… we may be in for some improvements in the variety and texture of the Talkinggrid feed.  YES!)

Question 2.)

What is Talkinggrid? 

Answer 2.)

Talkinggrid is a flexible creative circle, which sometimes focuses on the art world, yet mostly dances around it and into the joy of living a fulfilling life.

Question 3..)

Is Frau Kolb a serious ART mind and party personality dancing around obstacles to the thump of a drum she painted?

Answer 3.)

Yes.  The drum and her face are proudly painted.  Feathers and a bullwhip, enhance tonight’s Get-UP.  Pass me a TOP-HAT!  I am ready to destroy the concept of shy.

Question 4.)

How does Talkinggrid work?

Answer 4.)

Talkinggrid does not work.  It lounges.  It parties.  I drives around in fancy cars. Give us a call, drop us a line, rock the CONTACT button, YOU can make yourself attractive on your next project, where having performance-art, ART & performance, music, dance, drink, and more… Remember, Frau Kolb is an expert web-host, for promoting and entertaining crowds… you need a proper Show Master… Frau Kolb and her electric keyboard, painterly performance, and more magic tricks deployed with erratic genius… Ah!  Just, LOOK here dig deeper in “Zoom in with Frau Kolb.”  The Independent  Talkinggrid has managed to continue producing quality art content for this vast site, for several years now.  If you become extremely impressed by the quality of the work here.  The correct thing to do is to click the DONATE button and be generous because Frau Kolb is proud to say that ROCKS! 


Seriously, Talkinggrid  is about informal ART conversations that meander into the garden-of-life.  Food.  Politics. Travel… Frau Kolb gets around and getting a little of this and that, creating a smorgasborg of information.  Frau slices up a daily share for you of savvy LIFE TIPS.  A crumb here… a crumb there… and in the under clothing a crumb of golden pound cake.  Could be yummy… 

Frau Kolb has invested in creating a following of souls that know a thing or two about ART, Life, LOVE, and living it UP no matter what the exact details… Grand folk.  They wanna learn more yet, they don’t have time for all the boring junk which formal art conniseurs peddle.  They also know a thing or two about LIVING, now.  Thus, they come here for more in formation…which is unstructured, undisciplined… yet on-point, asstute, and provocative.  Alive!  

A year ago we covered art fairs; in Miami and New York.  Lately, we write about private and public events at random: showing UP here and there, wearing a TUX, of course.   So… at your next solo-exhibition don’t be surprised when Frau Kolb is … suddenly… there supporting your efforts and making every event we attend more festive… Frau Kolb stands for having FUN!  Thus, she is willing to lay down and do high kicks ANYWHERE!  

Enjoying LIFE and getting on with the business of being loved, loving, romantic, and mushy.  


YOU might care to know that We, people of We-Film-It, parent-company of Talkinggrid are ready represent select artists for specific projects.  We collaborate with worthy souls.  We dance in public and this site is just one of the many ways in which FRAU KOLB is available to serve YOU, yet perhaps we can work together.  What do you feel would massively improve this site? (Please, dont tell me Dreamweaver,  I know I know I am aware.)  Do you have money, time, words, images, ideas you want to contribute?  Well, we are willing to publish and promote artists whose work we love and excellent authors who seek a venue may apply.  Only the best will be accepted, of course. 

This site is über- cool!  And… it is only in its second year of real… well maybe third year… the numbers… well… they keep going up.  People dig Frau NOW!  Yeah!  YES!  It is true.  Ich spreche nur die Warheit!


All the “advice,” found on this site is spiked with humor and we don’t ever expect anyone to take Talkinggrid too seriously, do so… at your own risk.  This on-line declaration of interest in doing business and selling what is non-existent grows old, maturing, and baring poison apples, which are worth a fortune on the black market… where they sell black tulips…. by the way.

Donations, by the way, are welcome.  They demonstrate support for the Talkinggrid, LIKE, no-thing else.  YOU make me blush, when you send me love notes, fan mail and invite me to your art parties and for studio-visits.  (Forgive me that Frau Kolb cannot attend every event and that we keep the studio-visits short and rare.)  We LOVE it that you share our links and buy ads in 2014.  Absurd ADS are WELCOME!  Wanna brag: GET AN AD!

WANT Frau Kolb to focus a little attention on you? 

Special note to Artists seeking representation: Talkinggrid is OPEN for business.  Want an ad?  Collectors, critics, and other rich folk visit daily.  People are getting addicted to Frau Kolb’s unique brand of quirky life-advice which seeks not to be confused with medical help for the freakin’ insane.

Got that?


Extra special note to collectors interested in contemporary art work, Talkinggrid  

manages connections with a handful of extraordinary artists, including Frau Kolb.  

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