Four Frau Answers & Fun Fund FACTS

 Question 1.) 

 Who is the F is Frau Kolb? 

Answer 1.) 

Frau Kolb, is an artist trained in Art History at Columbia University in the city of New York

Tthe former publisher of nonexistent magazine PRETENSE, which was an party focused fantasy in which hundreds, at times, took part.  Right now, all the content on Talkinggrid  is 100% Frau Kolb’s; art and writing.  You have to dig deep into the site to get its full effects.  Here there are original paintings, videos, art documentaries, collaborations.  For example work by artist, Skip Snow is routinely featured here and other artists receive support from via articles directed at specific individuals.  Advice on hard topics like feeling good even in crisis “23 Cancer Blessings.”  IF you read carefully, you might discover a (secret) message FRAU KOLB wrote, just for YOU!).  In addition, art fair, opening energy, event coverage, party planning…  available upon request.  

Question 2.)

What is Talkinggrid? 

Answer 2.)

Talkinggrid is a flexible creative circle, which sometimes focuses on the art world, yet mostly dances around it and into hotel, drink, restaurant, art gallery, museum, film making, music, dance, arts and humanities, interesting art STAR sightings and…of course... alchemic inquires.

Question 3.) How do you turn shit into gold?

Answer 3.) Keep reading or can it

Question 4.)

How does Talkinggrid work?

Answer 4.)

Talkinggrid does not work.  It lounges.  It parties.  I drives around in fancy cars. Give us a call, drop us a line, rock the CONTACT button, celebrate the launching of your divorce with a painting and performance art party and video... your next project, where having performance-art, ART & performance, music, dance, drink, catering… sexy people on the list, VIPS in the MIX… and more… Remember, Frau Kolb is an expert people person, sales, gorilla, grassroots marketing,  for promoting and entertaining a select crowd of dazzling creatives: you need a proper Show Master… Frau Kolb and her electric keyboard, painterly dance live-performance, and magic tricks deployed with, "erratic genius…” 

Ah!  Just, LOOK here dig deeper in “Zoom in with Frau Kolb,”  if you want to get a true sense of what Talkinggrid has accomplished so far.  Yet, we are OPEN to NEW ideas and individuals of talent that might like to contribute art, writing, web-design, funding, vision, etc… to the Talkinggrid, are welcome to apply for an exclusive position within the budding organization, backing TG.

Lastly, there is a DONATE button on every page and Frau Kolb appreciates every click. 

Thank you,

Frau K.

Notes on the FUN FUND

Do NOT donate to Frau Kolb a cent you need.  Give me only surplus for funding art adventures and gifts to perpetually starving artists, promiscuous tattooed and heavily pierced single mothers, fake movie producers pretending to love my heavily labored scripts, bogus personal assistants, and other money guzzling sleaze Frau Kolb encounters in the process of having fun and observing the spectacle which is reality.