Artists 2012, New York

Mesmer Eyes by Kathy Goodell at Causey Contemporary

Sculptor, visual artist, visionary work:

Painting for the first time, after a substantial and productive career as an artist-sculptor, art professor at Suny New Paltz, Kathy Goodell’s seasoned subtle yet profound meditation on seeing, perception, perspective, individuality/collectivity is astounding. The creative precision of meticulous method in which an exquisite understanding of elliptical nature of being, perceiving, understanding, and allowing for accidents of discovery to emerge in work that is breathtaking in complexity, like the vast ocean of possibility in which beings dwell. The work rustles with life, quietly inviting one to dive deep within the asselage of materials, invested with muscular thought.

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A Studio Visit with Daniel Maidman

Mr. Maidman is a figurative painter with an open mind and the willingness to explore. Entering his studio, is to enter into a center where scientific training is applied to painting. The results are provactive paintings, in which the self-taught Maidman explores language and visual representations. Furthermore, Maidman is a prolific writer, contributing regularly to the Huffington Post. You can follow his illuminating blog.

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Frau Kolb 2012