Signed First Edition of "Beautiful You!" FOR SALE

Tonight at the University of Southern California in San Diego, Frau Kolb attended a reading by author Chuck Palaniuk .  She expected it to be of his new book, “Beautiful You,” which is available on-line and in bookstores, as of yesterday, October 21, 2014.  Yet, the Author, clad in a red silk robe worthy of an Emperor, began the evening by reading a sexually charged car scene that was not only graphic but humorous and frightening AT THE SAME TIME!

The Emperor wears RED!

The Emperor wears RED!

The book, I now have in my collection may or may not “delve deep into the needs of women and what ONE man does to scientifically meet the pressing wants of a billion woman” as I thought it would.  The book, pristine, white… with itchy vibrating red writing on the cover and a bright gold sticker indicating that the book is a First Edition, invites reading.  It is “loaded,” I imagine with penetrative, original, creative, and incisive thinking.

Now, that I was exposed to the author LATEX loaded road show… I’m aghast!

Glowing Balls To be Tossed at Chuck Pallinauk "Beautiful You," event at UC San Deigo

Glowing Balls To be Tossed at Chuck Palaniuk “Beautiful You,” event at UC San Deigo

“Beautiful You,” the reading promised to be, “An event you don’t want to miss with tons of prizes, games, and a sure-to-shock story, and audience Q & A.”  Oh boy!  I’m excited.  My curiosity was aroused!  Yep!  Which is perfect because, the “Better than Sex Tour 2014 Pajama Party,” has the potential to be the book event of my year. (I’ve not attended any other book events targeted to adult readers before.) This event was tailored to reel in the university students, often on the threshold of true maturity and independence, throwing candy corn and GLOWING LATEX BALLS into the audience, the author is a powerful show master.

What TOY could be more suggestive?

What TOY could be more suggestive?

Feeling LIKE leaving...

Frau Kolb is Bored by Boys with BIG GREEN BALLS

I learned of this event via one of my favorite local bookstores, Warwick’s in La Jolla.  I go there to get my fix of paperbacks and hardcovers.  I’m addicted to actual pages.  (I dread the day when electricity fails and there is nothing to read, thus I hoard books.) Mostly, I read books either on or set in China, Japan, and Korea.  Of course, there is Paris… I’m always reading at least one book on Paris.  Of course, Warwick’s in La Jolla has lots of books on Paris and lots of other, thoughtfully selected books of merit.  One could only wish the store was larger!

Bigger!  Greater!  Faster!  These demands, desires for MORE, MORE, MORE may be the driving force behind a book on female sexual pleasure and the Mastermind marketing of sex toys to an army of ever ready women.  I haven’t read the book yet, but I read the author’s brief and gleamed that this book should be more fun than a barrel of monkeys. The opening chapter of the book introduces us to “Penny,” a rape victim, raped in a courtroom, no less… is disturbing, to say the least.

Palahniuk is best know for his novel, “Fight Club,” which lead to the making of a feature film (starring Brad Pitt!).  I saw the movie and haven’t read the book.  I’ve actually never read a Palahniuk book.  Strangely enough… I’ve seen them in bookstores, handled them.  I’ve examined the intricate, compelling cover, of “Choke,” but I’ve not put down the money for my own copy nor have I borrowed a copy of,  award winning “Lullaby.”  I don’t believe I will buy either of those books because I now understand that Palahniuk’s “hidden gun,” technique of writing has the power to blow an unsuspecting reader asunder.  Heartbreaking work, soul crushing writing, Palahniuk is a master manipulator and he knows how to create the kind of book that sneaks up on a reader and delivers a JOLT that might be too much for sensitive souls.