I was just on Facebook with a dear old friend in Dublin.  We decided that I absolutely must visit Dublin later this year and check out the IRISH ART SCENE!!!! YES!  I will. 

Now we have a P R O J E C T!  

Let’s get FRAU KOLB to DUBLIN by September!  How does that sound?  

Do YOU LOVE the idea of Frau Kolb, hitting London, first——of course— I mean, I can’t get that close to the Tate, and the Rothko Room, there and The Turners at the National Gallery… Ah!  I love art and I can’t wait to learn more about contemporary art in Ireland!  

Maybe I will have the pleasure of meeting Bono, again.  Thanks to a teenage best friend’s father’s connections I got to go dancing with the lead singer of U2 when I was a wee lass growing up in very IRISH Manhattan.  My maiden name is Irish and you know I got faded yesterday, in anticipation of today.  Thus, kiss me… 

I’m like Barack Obama, truly and honestly BLACK IRISH at heart, forever! 

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Dearest Loyal Talkinggrid Supporters, Readers, Joyful following 

Im happy today because Im able to show up and do what I do in the world.  Thank goodness!  

The last few years have presented me with too many opportunities to expire.  We all face that possibility on some level everyday.  Violence, bad art, or disease might be a sudden end to anyone that isnt careful. 

Thus, inoculate yourself against the dangerous world.  Retreat into contemporary art.  (Hah!)

Readers!   Frau Kolb is blown away by the fact that you keep coming back to read this lowly and scattered, strange and too personal, art infused blog by artist and personality, Frau Kolb.  YES!  WE make a great pair, you and eye.  YOUR eyeballs keep rolling over my early morning words.  Thus, I’m inspired to keep writing them.  We are a symbiotic unit.  Thank you!

Finally, Ive achieved one of my lifes most important and previously unattainable goals: I write daily.  Writing, traditionally is a solitary practice.  I love reading and practice this on my own, quietly.  Yet, writing for me is best like this, in flow, daily and knowing that someone, one of my many friends, will read what I write and let me know if it is shite or true gold that I have spun. I have written, almost daily, for several years now.  I have to admit, however, that i achieved this lofty goal, in the most unlikely place, and least exclusive, on-line venue Facebook.  

It was on Facebook that I tripped into an incredible circle of amazing artists, art critics, consultants, power personalities one and all; many of whom Id never heard of before, some Ive known since my teens all are active, moving, pushing, edging forward.  It is fascinating to observe the Machiavellian style with which some wield their on-line art might. 

After about a year of dancing around the armies of humans flaunting their visual art prowess and connectedness I became fatigued.   I went on a campaign to rid myself of all the deadwood Id amassed in a friend requesting frenzy which took a big part of a year to initiate and then another year to prune this wild garden to what it is now: a tidy plot my Facebook list is now, reduced to the kindest, sweetest, and most uplifting people.  I recently, friended someone Id un-friended because, frankly, the woman is sharp, even her name suggests it.  I unfriended her and so many others because, I dont want to be an aspiring big personalitys Bitch.  That is right, Ive said it. 

Im competitive and IF Im going to write everyday it is nice to know that you come because you dig my words, perspective, art adventures, and quirky personal Caribbean history.  We may be fans of each other.  Yet, no matter how often I decide to take out my, SEND MONEY HERE! placard and brandish it in my most obnoxious Dance of Desire, I expect you to simply respect my wishes and click the freakin donate button, regularly, so that your $23.00 donation, or better $69.00 gift, or 200 bucks, or  do something NUTS and send Frau KOLB millions, I promise to invest it in entertaining myself and others, learning more about art, buying ART  furthermore, your generosity will aid in legitimating my continued commitment to showing up here for you with new MUSE NEWS and ideas, whichadmit it you find so stimulating and rare.  I think Id create a type of artists colony where we creatives cold chill out and get free spa treatments or some other RADICAL UTOPIAN art fantasy. just send the GREEN, if ya know what I mean.