LOOK at ART!  EAT.  Drink.  CHAT!  You can put it on my menu daily and I’d never tire of this combination.  I love to drink and eat around art adventure!  I love meeting up with amazing humans.   THE MUSE, is a prime example.  She is a unearthly beauty that motivates and inspires mere mortals, like me, to write, to think, and to plan(!) ways in which to celebrate her being so inspiring.  WE have a established a nice pattern of visiting museums restaurants, drinking copious amounts of excellent wine, and seeing great art, together.

Ah!  Friendship IS the fountain of youthful pursuits…

I also had the pleasure of lunching with Mr. Ed Valfrey, artist, musician, tickler of words, tweaker of meaning, experienced TIME TRAVELER, not too long ago.  His mind expanding blog, rich with the spacey perfect dune-spice, dreamy-concrete, specific and effortless freshness that we ALL aspire to being proficient in the language of light and the mysteries of transcendental realist photography.  His work, I recommend you explore.  

A week or two ago, artist Dee Shapiro and I met up for lunch at the Hammer museum.  She is a recognized visual voice, in particular her work with wave patters with the golden… you know… secret number… the one found in waves and stock market charts and graphs. She and I locked in for an immediate CLICK.  WE connected, completely over lovely salads and gentle service.  WE spoke of our lives and opened for ourselves a future of such sweet meetings for lunch in museums scattered around this beautiful life sustaining planet.  I can not think of anything more delightful.