Caridad is Charity in Spanish, My first Language

Thank you for visiting! After a long silence, a long hiatus, a more mature, seasoned, understanding of reality is set to grace this rendezvous space, this on-line location, which you have come to cherish as you would an open home where celebrating life is the priority and a buoyant voice forever welcomes you.

Hello, Old Friend!  So much has happened since we last met.  Sit down.  Kick back.  There is a feast about to be served.  I’m cooking up new stories for you. I wanna nourish your soul and feed your mind with what is possible, probable, and sustainable.  Let’s eat up healthy ideas and look to build a world where love rules our actions and defines our conduct.  We decide, the quality of our lives, daily we dictate the direction our lives will take with the way in which we approach living.  Never shrug off the responsibility you have to create the world that you aspire to living in.  We must shoulder creation, since we are the ones informed and blessed by the capacity and responsibility to make of the world we inherit into a garden of earthly delights.  The culinary arts, agriculture, theater, fashion, and film all flow from creative souls who sculpt the edifices of culture which will house the findings of future seekers.  We must continue our studies, enhance our experiments, combine our wits to make a world we can all find a place, a point, a parcel, and an acreage of love.

I am part of a circle of creatives, artists, that are ever ready to expand your world, with their fascinating insights into Art, Music, Spirituality, and Political Healing, taking you to the edges where the art world and reality kiss each other and keep moving.  I come to you with mastery of “The Vacation Approach,” my way of making it from one day to the next, making the most of my time, and resources.  I have living insights from, “Cancer with Style,” my second unpublished private handbook for getting on with the business of life, despite setbacks, obstacles, which I will share with you from time to time. (I might even publish some of my new poems and art works here.  Image that!)

The staggering health challenges and the blessings that come with suffering have proven to be a portal to my higher self.  Death almost ended my musings on art and culture, living and loving, my travel plans, and the perpetual discovery mission I’ve embarked upon, a year ago.  It has been one year since my last post.  Only today, did I feel strong enough to write to you again and reinstate my wish to inform and entertain.

Mr. Skip Snow, a full time art machine, promises to write to us about the shifting models of the museum level art gallery scene, in Los Angeles, a city we know too well, but eludes comprehension. The  Talking grid’s Music Specialist, Joe Rez, promises to take us to the Guns and Roses concert and show us why Axel, ain’t dead yet.  The Music Specialist, is also an expert on Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Master, so don’t be surprised as Talkinggrid becomes, even more reliably, a source of healing for your wounds, aches, and pains. Since this is one with our intention, to heal you with love, laughter, music, art, travel, thereby reminding you of all that makes life a delight.

The Muse, New Mexico based, inspiring beauty and travel guru, Ms. Crane and Mr. Finehouse, concert pianist living in Boston, are sure to chime in from time to time with reports from the frontiers of Food, Art, Social issues, and Music. The Scientist (my husband) Dr. Hartmuth Kolb, may feel compelled to share his latest recipe for bread or holographic 3-D printer projects.  We all want to learn from him, since he is so very knowledgeable.   I plan to venture to an art show or two, including a group show in New York, sometime in October.  Adventures beckon, creativity calls, and you are invited to take a seat at this long and commodious table, laden with possibilities.


So  much may happen yet some of it depends on you.  You have donated to this open mission before, do so again.  Thank you so much for your previous donations, don’t forget that without your donations, comments, and general interest this show won’t shine.  The plea is that you put your money into activities and individual projects, ours and others, that mean the world to you.  Endorse with your attention and time, that which puts a smile on your mouth, in your eyes, and in your heart.


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