Big Warm Hug to My Dear Friends in New York City

Deck the halls!  What to do in New York, this holiday season?  Well, you could #protest…

which is, of course, essential to the New Yorkers.  As a young Manhattanite I hit the streets each time war or other injustice took place.  Protest is a part of urban culture we can applaud. That said…

Baby, you know, it is cold outside.  Yet, even the thought of New York warms me up, a bit.  New York is always exciting.  To creatives, luxury hounds, tourists, and fashionable sorts from all over, New York is home to all sorts of warm and cozy fantasies come true.  Warm in the way of wet dreams and stolen kisses, especially welcoming to those looking for KUNST and other sensual thrills during the holidays.  Inside New York’s many museums, galleries, restaurants, and trendy shops the cheer is in full gear and there is much to be bubbly about. This year is no exception.  I have dear friends that have traveled from Europe, Switzerland, to be exact, visiting  New York, right now!  Being that they know I know the city and its cultural treasures they asked WHERE to GO during their short trip into, snowy, decadent, sensual Manhattan.

Of course, I have super friends that help me make plans and with my recommendations.  So, I asked the New Yorkers I know know which way the wind blows where to go this season:

Frau Kolb:  What do you think, Daniel Maidman? (Maidman is a figurative painter I most admire.  His work is in the language of the old masters and yet promises a contemporary punch… somehow… mysterious and intriguing.  Daniel Maidman is an artist I follow, sneaking about the internet, googling him. You should try it.  Here is the link to his site.  To the collectors of figurative art,  Maidman’s THE MAN! Actually, it is weird because… this is NOT the type of painting I usually dig or endorse, but there is much to Maidman’s intensity and focus I admire and wish, perhaps, to channel into my own artwork.)

James Kaston:  Having lunch at Fred’s at Barney’s with me. At least one of those days. (Kaston, is a fashion plate and selfie aficionado.  He gives better on-line love than any one I know and indeed I’m LOOKING FORWARD to not just lunch but a real pow-wow and shopping explosion, when this man and I meet in person, in Los Angeles, New York, or Paris… Why not?)

Frau Kolb: I’d love to, but I’m planning a trip for the public… yes I will suggest that every meet with you for lunch at Fred’s at Barney. This should be a rite of passage for every stylish American.

Daniel Maidman If you go to Barney’s do not miss Bergdorf’s windows, they’re brilliant. I haven’t been to the good shows around town yet but – Matisse at MoMA, Cezanne at the Met, Schiele at Neue, Clemente at Rubin. I’m booked solid, Frau, or I’d be clamoring for time myself.

Frau Kolb Thanks Daniel, I’m glad to know I’m almost making it into your social calendar, excellent tips. Do you mind if I print them all and give you credit, of course?

Frau Kolb Come on Joaquin Carter What is the VERY GAY thing to do for the holidays in New York City. (Joaquin is an artist and on-line personality whose posts and provocative questions, I dig.)

Frau Kolb Daniel Maidman These are great suggestions. I’d love to see Clemente, Shiele, Cezanne, and Matise. Modern Art’s Greatest Hits! Clemente being Neo-Modern, no?

Joaquin CarterTears Become … Streams Become…” at the Park Avenue Armory.

Joaquin Carter gay..I have no idea. lets go to a museum together. (I’d LOVE to! Thanks!)

Blossom Verlinsky Balthazar is fun to go to – make a res. they’re very busy (Blossom Verlinsky is a terrifically talented painter and visual artist!  Boy!  Am I pleased to have a bevy of distinguished art world contacts as Facebook friends!)

Joaquin Carter this looks like fun..

Psychedelic Art Exhibition – Spaced Out: Migration to the Interior
Step into a world with an altered state of awareness at the…

GREAT LINK!!! Great youtube video!  I would LOVE to see this show and really thank you Joaquin, I’m so glad I asked!  (Wish I could flit off to the East Coast for a culture infusion!)

Katrina Revenaugh

Queen of the Night NYC – Social Gallery
To celebrate the re-opening of Diamond Horseshoe at the Paramount Hotel, The Marchesa presents Queen of the…

Thank YOU Katrina Revenaugh, (art pal and artist working out of the middle west… I think.)

Katrina Revenaugh

Brooklyn Night Bazaar | Brooklyn Night Bazaar
A night market that brings together independent vendors,…

(My personal favorite way to spend a day in Manhattan.  A visit to the The Frick Museum and Lunch at The Mark Hotel Restaurant.  Read more about my most recent visit to New York City, here.

IMG_3729 IMG_3710 IMG_3688 IMG_3805 IMG_3800 But, I haven’t had the pleasure of a trip to New York City since, last year!)

Katrina Revenaugh Frau Kolb my friend Ken Petti highly recommends Queen of Night NYC (he’s bi-coastal right now- (East Coas/Midcoast-NY/KC). Superb eye for art, design and all things super-fantastic.

Frau Kolb Blossom Balthazar’s is my favorite restaurant!!! (My husband and I went on our first date there.)

Frau Kolb This is a great start, thank you James Kaston, Daniel Maidman, Blossom Verlinsky, Katrina Revenaugh, and Joaquin Carter! You have in some case confirmed in others expanded my list of what ONE MUST DO in NYC this Holiday, 2014. Much appreciated!

Katrina Revenaugh Have a blast! New York is such a fun place to be over the holidays!

Frau Kolb I’m not going. I’m writing a travel guide for friends flying in from Switzerland.