Piecing Together a Plan for Talkinggrid

Part of “Australian Animals,” series by Frau Kolb, Acrylic on various (3×5″) panels,

Los Angeles, California September 2013

You are living, reading.  You clicked your way to this page, where you often visit, to see what Frau Kolb is up to.  What is she UP to now?  I understand your curiousity.   I am curious, too.

I write.  You read.  You probably write, too.  Do I read your blog?  Or is your blog only in your head?  Is it something you THINK about doing, writing and don’t do?

Well… writing is a practice.  You get better at it the more you do it.  And… well, I’m glad I can type FAST.  If I had to struggle with the mechanics of sentence structure and just getting the words down was a challenge this blog wouldn’t be slowly but surely gaining momentum.

I’ve had some set-backs, for a moment I was visualizing this more as a on-line zine, with guest writers, featured and focused on, and I was planning my role to be more a behind-the-scenes,  an administrative one.  I thought I’d pay to have a jazzy platform built and… and… But… it turns out that IF I’m not careful this page will end up being like everything else on-line soul-less and commercial… that first vision did not work out.  So…. here I am typing and sharing with you samples of what flows from my head to hands.

Recently, I’ve been working on this series of paintings, “Australian Animals.”  Above is one example and if you are interested you can look under “Zoom in with Frau Kolb,”  for more examples of my recent figurative painting(s), a series I am making with my daughter in mind.  I’m painting so that she will have an encyclopedic reference on what kinds of strokes, modes, methods I have mastered.  I used to be an abstract painter and I learned a lot about patterns and creating visual harmonies in that capacity.  Yet, for me there was something pattently false about painting in Clement Greenberg mode.

I’m glad that these attractive, unassuming, “Australian Animal,” puzzle pieces exist.  I plan on making at least eight hundred of them.  This is to be a full body of work.  I’ve heard from a few people that they want to BUY these.  I am not opposed to selling them, after they are all done, complete, and shown in a respectable gallery.   So… If you feel you MUST OWN well I might, maybe, well… whoever the dealer I allow to represent this work… WE SHALL SEE.  In the meantime, I welcome your compliments, donations (Champagne fund), and invitations to fascinating events.   I’m honored that you make time to read this simple blog and that you appreciate that words pile up hot one on top the other until a world of knowing is born.

Best regards,

Frau K.