Frau Kolb, is an artist with a degree in Art History at Columbia University in the city of New York.

The former publisher of nonexistent magazine PRETENSE, which was a party focused fantasy in which hundreds, at times, took part.  Perhaps you attended or remember one of our events, at the Bowery Bar in New York City, for example.

More recently, Frau Kolb has worked with artists on both coasts, conducting artist interviews, covering art fairs, and executing edgy art performances.  Frau Kolb paints in a quasi figurative or abstract naive style.  Her chunky, colorful, bold paintings are a source of joy to those that collect them.

The focus of The Talkinggrid is on culture.  Art.  Music.  Food.  All in balance with an eye on health and wellness.  We look at what makes life worth living and invite you to dive with us on an excursion into the unknown in what is now unfolding marvel and ours to enjoy!