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Last night, I hit the town with my camera and tripod in tow.  I love to get outside shots of a location at sunset.  It paid off.  Clips of good material… collected from the delicate surface of this tightly knit grid, loosely termed, “reality.”  

Ha!  Last night was an exercise in socializing.  For the first time in my life I found myself in the company of women as tough as… well anybody.  Ginger Schulick-PorCELLA has balls.


She was fearless on stage, a fierce visionary, on fire with a sense of urgency.  Schulick-Porcella radiates readiness to create a new mood around San Diego’s diffused art community.  If anyone can do it, I believe this energetic, brisk… no-nonsense woman, with her past experience as an art consultant and curator, with focused assistance, will bring to San Diego a new and improved public image.  With our support, and her focused brain powering it, San Diego Art Institute has a good shot at becoming  something powerfully NEW, “radical,” to do in San Diego.  We can cluster and collude to create as much energy around the hot New York Curator, founder of “Big Deal Arts,” and veteran of the art scenes in Chicago, and Philadelphia; thereby ensuring our own success and brilliant social calendar.


The night built up in layers of late afternoon on the heals of a long day filled with calls and… an exciting whiff of opportunity…  

Meanwhile… On the Other Side of the Planet!

Artist, husband, and visionary: 

Don Porcella is in Shanghai on An International ART adventure:

Shanghai is where Porcella’s ten year quest for the source of pipe-cleaner machines, and the signing of international pipe line deals by Putin and Chinese Officials, Swatch Watch Collecting, and George Clooney all come together in a twisted knit; so tight and strange, one does not know… what to make out of it.

Over Skpe, a night or two ago, the artist, Porcela, confessed to being homesick, missing his wife, Ginger.   Despite the fact that he is engrossed in his work and arriving at the apex of a ten-year search for the MOTHER, the source of infinite Pipe-Cleaner variety HEAVEN for an artist bent on creating drool-worthy meaning packed sculptures from fuzzy and brightly colored, typically throw-away objects, pipe cleaners,  he deftly weaves into otherworldly representations of world or found or art historically relevant objects, Shanghai with its endless supply of cheap labor is MECCA. He is far away, participating  in the Global Identity Project, an artist’s residency program.  He is not delighted to be so far away from home.  He is feeling lonely yet the opportunity to experience Shanghai and take in this key moment in history; and  to source his chosen material, Porcella is understanding more about the world by spending a month in Shanghai, China.  Producing new art, learning new rules of traffic and commerce, studying the core of human transaction, first hand.  At the nexus of global change is artist Don Porcella.  Here we see Porcella among his peers.  He stands with three artists and a movie star.  Yes, it is true.  You can believe your eyes.  Artist Don in a dinner jacket with universal heartthrob, George Clooney!


Porcella had nothing but good to say about The Academy Award winning actor, producer, screenwriter.  Of Clooney’s impeccable  conduct, his sincere interest in the artists participating in the Shanghai residency program.  “He took time to connect with each participant individually,” reports Porcella, impressed from the first with the famous actors human charisma and evident, “generosity,” of spirit.

Now, we can ALL at LOVE  George Clooney with greater ardor! 

(Oh how we love George!  The love of Clooney, was never so moony… well… excuse me… I’ll write an ode to Clooney’s eyes another time.  We must stay focused on the PIPECLEANERS!)


When is a PIPE-CLEANER not merely a PIPE-CLEANER… when does a PIPE-CLEANER transcend its status as ready-made trash and become an immortal record of our moment?  Well, I can take you to the world expert on these deep philosophical questions, my NEW ART BRO, Don Porcella.


What do: pipe-cleaners, Putin, and George Clooney have in common?

Ask yourself: if a hat is made by out of pipe cleaners is it still a hat???

For More ON:

Don Porcella

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Don’t be left behind.  Keep up.  Things are moving FAST!  Hold your HAT!  The winds of change are blowing and here we GO!

Do YOU SEE the SEED of CHANGE as ART becomes the new international currency?

Ah!  Very Enlightening… Can you detect; the NEW PATTERN of INTERNATIONAL TREND??? Can you?  Thanks to an intimate midnight art chat with the dashing young artist, California Native, with a New Yorker heart: Porcella ROCKS!

Last night, I had the pleasure of a serious art chat… with artist Don Porcella: not only did I learn a lot about the history of pipe-cleaners, which I will share with you… when you clamor for more information because it dawns on you that this is news of vital importance; you may not understand what is going on but the man in the dinner Jacket is artist Don Porcella, weaver of pipe cleaner hats and perfect sneakers in ideal boxes; all hand made in Porcella’s secret method… I see a trend, blossoming, among artists trying to reinvent art from the scraps of a dying civilization.  Schools in America might start teaching armies to create, the only thing of actual worth: condensed thought, philosophical understanding, and the capacity to invest the creative impulse in objects of singular significance and, therefore, enduring value. 

Casually, California, Porcella introduces us to his art residency fellows: Mauro Andrizzi and Cecilia Jansson two artists in the residency with him in the photo (above). Also, included are a few photos from the Global Identity Project.  Above see images of three talented fellows posing for Porcella,  “The Mao Hat,” he wove in his unique technique which he developed over years of experimentation based on his mother’s interest in the weaving of fabrics… interesting the way that the meaning always loops back to textiles…  to the “woman’s work,” of weaving or growing silkworms for gowns and cloth, which… end-up defining reality and distinguishing one from the other.   Speaking of “distinguished,” did you catch Porcella’s dinner jacket, he matches the movie star, George Clooney, at the center of the image, next to Ms. Jansson, in panache.  

Of the actor, Porcella reports, “He was genuinely interested in communicating with the artists in the program, giving them individual attention and connecting with every artist in the program.”  He says that the actor was, “generous,” with his time and he could see why he was in demand.

Ageless, good looks aside, Clooney, sounds like a lovely human.  I’d love to meet him, too!

“Hey Man!” Clooney is reported to have said to Porcella as the men locked eyes for a first moment of mutual approval.  The expression, a throwback to black American’s men’s struggle to graduate from being “Cow-Boys,” grown men, called “Boys,” by white men to indicate their junior status… was adopted by the hippy movement, out of San Francisco, when our own “cultural revolution,” perhaps began.. or not… the details of history are always murky.. yet, we know, Clooney and Porcella connected in a hallway in Shanghai, last week.  (How is it that genius knows genius when it sees it?).  Well…. Porcella’s art adventure is not only punctuated by glamor and marked by messages ticking, throbbing, pulsating in the public sphere which are every where:  

(All the photos, here published, are done so with permission of the artist, Don Porcella, © 2014)

Speaking last night, early morning in Shanghai in intimate ART CHAT Stealth mode, in his cool California tones, Porcella told of his early love of Swatch Watch collecting… remember when that was the rage… well, time pieces… time is a tool; a construct, much like currencies are indicators of voltage and might; being exchanged for silk and weapons; power and glory.  Porcella is connected to the pulse of the universe.  He is there at the center where the big political drama which will define reality for billions of humans is unfolding right out side the general public’s attention, as usual.

On Putin’s Visit to Shanghai

Porcella thoughtfully, reminds us that the current Russian policy toward homosexuals, and others not conforming to party’s vision is aggressive, condemning  and repressive.  Those holding opposing views or living as homosexuals in Russia are being violently silenced.  One of the artists, participating in the Global Identity Project, is a Bulgarian and he expresses concern, fear… even… over Putin increasing grip over his native Bulgaria and Putin’s anti-gay campaign.  We have witnessed the incarceration of the female punk band, Pussy Riot, over antics that would hardly raise an eye-brow, in Los Angeles, but which are treated as grand offenses to the state by Putin’s Russia.  We must take note.

Putin’s vision for the world is not that which most artists and creatives would crave to regress into the discrimination and state sanction of violence against minorities and other non-conformists.  

Ignore, the implications of this new Chinese and Russian trade agreement at your own risk.  (Meanwhile, I’m learning Mandarin.  So that at least I will know which restroom to use in the future. Thank you)  

Follow Porcella on Instagram to see more pictures!

A place where people are not afraid to buy, to shop is an ambition, an achievement.  Cheap, willing, and grateful labor… Can America compete with this?  

Think about it.  

We will discuss this topic, with Don Porcella, and other intellectuals working in the arts, later. 

Thank you for reading.

Eternally yours,

Frau Kolb

With daily uploads on ART, life, and everything that binds the bits: including the king of Pipe-cleaner ART forever, Don Porcella

***Porcella’s story is a complex and multilayered mystery which may take years to unravel or ravel, depending on your standpoint.