Los Angeles, California

18 April 2013

img_4864_medIt was yesterday, or the day before, that I saw the Llyn Foulkes, exhibition for a second time.  It was THAT GOOD!  A really meaty show, with plenty of ideas for me to chew on.  Work that resonates on many levels and is as complex as it is straight forward and simple, using techniques that range from hyper-confident cartoon to full on mimetic, evocative, realism (in spurts, mostly during his earlier career).  Work well crafted, yet not about THAT, creating an impression of effortless playful productivity and thus, leaving a good taste behind, making the brain salivate.  Almost like the first visit was an appetizer.  This second one, I took longer deeper looks.  I let myself unwind in front of his larger canvases.   I let myself think about Foulkes technique(s).  I allowed myself to experience AWE.  The seamlessness of pseudo… the butchering of pork, the wall sized post cards… the mixing of signage, the expertly made home-made img_4861_medlooking frames!  The clear and the immediate, the obtuse and the hinted… ah!

This time THE MUSE, Ms. Maria Rose Crane met with me for lunch and art.  Unlike our visit to the recent Caravaggio Exhibit at LACMA, we managed to make it to the exhibit, without Frau Kolb exploring the horizontal angel at the Hammer…  Perhaps, because the Muse is off-the-sauce, on a cleanse, which is a very appropriate activity for a LA MUSE to indulge in abstinence, in order to enhance the radiance of her already remarkable skin.

Inspiring isn’t she?




This piece is a second in a series of museum visit with THE MUSE!

Where shall WE, Frau Kolb and Maria Rose Crane POP UP, NEXT????

We shall see…

Much love,

Frau Kolb