Frau Kolb Wraps UP Talkinggrid for 2014.

Predictions Abound

Yet the FACT remains… either you had FUN in 2014 or it was a difficult year for you.  Either way, I’m happy you are here and I thank you for the returning visits.  In 2014 Talkinggrid GREW!  Thanks to Anne Hutchins and DONATIONS from our friends, family, and well funded and generous, FRAU FANS!  YEAH!

How did you celebrate?  Who were you with?  Alone?  Did your pals come by and did you have a good time, howling wolf songs in the chilly moonlight, past midnight?

All good.  Whatever you did, it is behind you.  Now you have this fresh NEW year, which is a chance to further prove how capable and wonderful you really are. WE made it, Baby! Welcome 2015!


Me?   I embraced the New Year, as I would another day. Yet, on the actual day of the new year I was feeling less than stellar.  Today, I few days later, I have my strength back.

Now I give you a glimpse of my favorite moments in 2014:


Massive CHILL OUT at Joe REZ, Nirvana Tea & Herb, Feb. 2014


OUT in Venice! Nana Ghana & Frau Kolb Hit it.


Sneaking away, to Los Angeles, for OYSTERS:


My Favorite Restaurant in Los Angeles: The Fish Market on Santa Monica Blvd


Solana Beach Train Station


In my journal, I sketch at the cafe table. Oysters, wine, salad… 2014 was a jolly good year!


I love hiking and in 2014 I went on some serious treks to the ocean.


Give me a kiss… Buy the lip of the sea.


“I like to EAT!” Work in progress,  Part of the “Out to Lunch Series,” 2013© Caridad (Frau) Kolb


Finished, “I like to Eat,” Drawing on acid free paper © Caridad (Frau) Kolb, 2013


WATER’s Edge, where the sea foam, engenders… Goddesses.


Mysterious Image © Caridad (Frau) Kolb


One of many Judge Dee Books read, while working on, “OUT to LUNCH!,” series.


“Day!” Taking a walk and bumping into the beauty of Chinese.


The usual medical drama, OUCH!


In Marina del Rey, Los Angeles, near home… the pelicans and the egrets mingle on the dock. LOVE WALKING!!!


TWO are ONE, Tight with My darling husband, Dr. Hartmuth Kolb


Maintenance at the Olympic Spa, reading: JUDGE DEE, of course!


The magic number at my favorite place!


OUT TO LUNCH, photo by the MUSE!


Get up early, make breakfast for my kids.


Walk with me! We will walk to the edge.



IMG_6310 IMG_6325 IMG_6333 IMG_6358 IMG_6354 IMG_6370 IMG_6484 IMG_6505 IMG_6526 IMG_6569 IMG_7290 IMG_1148 IMG_8461


The New Year smiles and coos, brand new and cuddly.  I’m an experienced and loving caretaker.  The fruits of my success are in my family life and home which I opened to friends and visitors in 2014, like never before. I will do with this year, what I have done with all my other years. I will LOVE IT!!! I will. I will kiss it and hug it, and nurse it with my metaphysical milk.  I will carry it and cater to its demands.  I will grow it and and nurture it so that NEXT YEAR when it dies, I will let it go, gracefully.

Goodbye 2014!

Last year, Frau Kolb took you to Paris, France for a bucket list tour of the Mona Lisa and Eiffel Tower.

I painted this portrait of our amusing guest in a burst of inspiration, joy.

I painted this portrait of our amusing guest in a burst of inspiration, joy.

Acrylic on canvas,

“Resting Muse, Kathy & Leo.” Acrylic on canvas,20×30, December, 2014 © Caridad (Frau) Kolb

We met up with the elusive and mysterious beauty, Ms. Crane.  We finished the year with a visit from artist contemporary artist Kathy Goodell.  We noted the passing of Fashion Designer, Oscar de la Renta, and comedian/actress/show host Joan Rivers & wrote about Burt Lancaster in The Swimmer. WE traveled to New York for the holidays with our friends, on-line.  We, did so much! WE laughed, we shared. Mostly, we kept each other company, HERE at the edge.

In 2015 we look forward to more intimate encounters with brilliant humans in sparkling settings, a NEW Talkinggrid ART adventures!

PEACE and blessings!